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February 2018 Moon Phases Calendar

Get Free Editable and Printable Moon Phases Calendar for February at our site. We have a huge amassing of excellent, engineer, fundamental, February 2018 Calendar Printable Template. You can save these formats in your device or can take a print of it. If you have a print then you can put it at your office work territory. It is right now transformed into an example to put a date-book at working work zone in the workplace. Our formats are flawless to be used as decorations for your work put. Beside this, plans are used for making study coordinator, work coordinator, event coordinator, charge coordinator, interest tracker and some more. The configurations shared by us are adaptable and you can change shading, size or style as per your need.

Moon Phase Calendar 2018

Our 2018 Moon Calendars will be ready to print for Desktop and Wall. Simple, scientific, modern and beautiful. Make a statement in your house with this gorgeous art print! Make 2018 a year you keep track of full and new moons, plus also know the day of the week. We have added some nice, new features to this year’s calendar by including the Super-moons, Solar Eclipses, Lunar Eclipses, Solstices and Equinoxes (see close up the photo for details).

If you wish to print all 12 months Moon Phases Calendar here is the link to Moon Phases 2018 Calendar and Templates.

These large wall calendars are hand printed on sturdy 22″ x 30″ Stonehenge paper. Paper is machine-made in the USA of 100% cotton neutral pH two natural deckles and two cut edges. The print looks great both pinned up or framed. There is a 1.75″ border around the printed area, so the paper can be cut down to the desired size if needed.

Moon Phase Calendar 2018
Moon Phase Calendar 2018
LunationNew MoonFirst QuarterFull MoonThird QuarterDuration
11752 Jan07:549 Jan03:5529d 19h 47m
117617 Jan07:4725 Jan03:5031 Jan18:567 Feb21:2329d 18h 48m
117716 Feb02:3523 Feb13:392 Mar06:219 Mar16:4929d 16h 06m
117817 Mar18:4124 Mar21:0531 Mar18:068 Apr12:4729d 12h 46m
117916 Apr07:2723 Apr03:1530 Apr06:288 May07:3829d 9h 51m
118015 May17:1722 May09:1929 May19:497 Jun00:0129d 7h 55m
118114 Jun01:1320 Jun16:2028 Jun10:236 Jul13:2029d 7h 05m
118213 Jul08:1720 Jul01:2228 Jul01:504 Aug23:4729d 7h 10m
118311 Aug15:2718 Aug13:1826 Aug17:263 Sep08:0729d 8h 04m
11849 Sep23:3117 Sep04:4425 Sep08:222 Oct15:1529d 9h 45m
11859 Oct09:1616 Oct23:3124 Oct22:1531 Oct22:1029d 12h 15m
11867 Nov21:3115 Nov20:2423 Nov11:0930 Nov05:4829d 15h 18m
11877 Dec12:5015 Dec17:1922 Dec23:1829 Dec15:0429d 18h 08m

February is the second month of the year and is known as the month of affection. Valentine’s week and Valentine’s Day happen in this month and is commended all around the globe with excitement. Other than this there are numerous national occasions in different nations amid this month. We have recorded precise occasions for February in our layouts. On the off chance that you need to choose formats of the specific nation with occasions and example of the week then you should choose nation accurately.

2018 Moon Phases Calendar

Jan2:,    9:,  17:,  25:,  31:
Feb7:,  16:,  23:
Mar2:,    9:,  17:,  24:,  31:
Apr8:,  16:,  23:,  30:
May8:,  15:,  22:,  29:
Jun7:,  14:,  20:,  28:
Jul6:,  13:,  20:,  28:
Aug4:,  11:,  18:,  26:
Sep3:,    9:,  17:,  25:
Oct2:,    9:,  16:,  24:,  31:
Nov7:,  15:,  23:,  30:
Dec7:,  15:,  22:,  29:

February 2018 Moon Phases Calendar

February 2018 Moon Phases Calendar
February 2018 Moon Phases Calendar
Moon Phase Calendar February 2018
Moon Phase Calendar February 2018
February 2018 Moon Phases Template
February 2018 Moon Phases Template
Feb 2018 Moon Phases Calendar
Feb 2018 Moon Phases Calendar
Full Moon February 2018 Calendar
Full Moon February 2018 Calendar

These calendars can help you to keep study motivation and make you fouse on your objectives. We hope that you like our February 2018 Moon Phases Calendar collection. Please do Like and Share it with Friends and Family on Social Networking Site. we really appreciate it. God Bless You, God Bless America.

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