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January 2019 Desk Calendar

January 2019 Desk Calendar: – Looking for January 2019 Calendar Templates, then its the article for you and we have the best January 2019 Desk Calendar Templates for your personal and professional use. So when you listen to a thought, you are aware not only of the thought but also of yourself as the witness of all thought. A new dimension of consciousness has come in. As you listen to the thought, you feel a conscious presence – your deeper self – behind or underneath the thought, as it were. The thought then loses its power over you and quickly subsides, because you are no longer energizing the mind through identification with it. Usually, such moments are short-lived, as the mind quickly resumes its noise-making activity that we call thinking. Love, joy, and peace cannot flourish until you have freed yourself from mind dominance. But they are not what I Would call emotions. They lie beyond the emotions, on a much deeper level. So you need to become fully conscious of your emotions and be able to feel them before you can feel that which lies beyond them. Emotion literally means “disturbance.” The word comes from the Latin emovere, meaning “to disturb.” Love, Joy, and peace are deep states of Being or rather three aspects of the state of inner connectedness with Being. As such, they have no opposite. This is because they arise from beyond the mind. Emotions, on the other hand, being part of the dualistic mind, are subject to the law of opposite. This simply means that you cannot have good without bad. So in the unenlightened, mind-identified condition, what is sometimes wrongly called joy is the usually short-lived pleasure is the side of the continuously alternating pain/pleasure cycle. Pleasure is always derived from something outside you, whereas joy arises from within. The very thing that gives you pleasure today will give you pain tomorrow, or it will leave you, so its absence will give you pain. And what is often referred to as love may be pleasurable and exciting for a while, but it is an addictive clinging, an extremely needy condition that can turn into its opposite at the flick of a switch. Many “love” relationships, after the initial euphoria has passed, actually oscillate between “love” and hate, attraction and attack. We have the best tool for you and it’s very valuable in the manner in habits and punctuality.

January 2019 Desk Calendar

Desk calendars for January months are available here for your personal and professional work. New Year is here and everyone looking for latest designs of January 2019 Calendars, this is the place where we provided 2018 calendars and now 2019 is here and we have worked very hard for collecting these Beautiful January 2019 Desk Calendars.

January 2019 Desk Calendar

January 2019 Calendar For Desk Jan 2019 Desk Calendar Template

Simple January 2019 Desk Template

Free Printable January 2019 Desk Calendar

Cute January 2019 Desk Calendar

Desk Calendar January 2019

Print January 2019 Desk Calendar

Here are something leaders in every field agree on, There is a scarcity of pinnacle-flight, expertly certified men and women to fill key positions. There certainly is, as the saying is going, lots of room on the pinnacle. As one govt defined, there are many almost qualified people, but there’s one fulfillment aspect frequently lacking, this is the ability to get matters accomplished, to get consequences. Every big task whether or not it’s working a commercial enterprise, high-level promoting, in science, the military or the government, requires a person who thinks motion. Principle executives, searching out a key individual, call for answers to questions like “will she do the job?” “will he do drift thoughts?” “Is she a self-starter?” “Can he get results, or is he only a talker?” All those questions have one aim, to discover if the guy is a man of movement. Here in this newsletter, we’ve Beautiful January 2019 Calendar, use these calendars to get better results. For more calendars you can visit Best January 2019 Calendar Designs, this is the post we created with some most amazing and beautiful calendars layouts and templates.

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